enter :help add-local-help. If I remember correctly I simply copied macros/ matchit.vim to plugin/ (.vim/plugin/ on Linux).


Nerd-tree. One of the widely used vim plugins includes Nerd-tree. This works best while working for …

macros/matchit. vim. endif. let g:fuf_file_exclude = '\v\~$'.

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It's written by Benji Fisher and it adds support to cycle between if, else if, else, endif keywords in various programming languages. Another improvement is the ability to find pairs of HTML tags, such as

. The matchit.vim script allows you to configure % to match more than just single characters. You can match words and even regular expressions. Also, matching treats strings and comments (as recognized by the syntax highlighting mechanism) intelligently. The default ftplugins include settings for several languages: Vim matchit plugin (upstream repository) The upstream maintained matchit plugin. The original has been created and maintained by Benji Fisher, however that looks now unmaintained.

k-vim配置github. 这个插件最后一次更新是2008年, 七年前了…… vim的  2015年8月15日 matchit这个插件,是vim自带的,但是默认不安装。在vim中默认可以用%来实现 括号之间的跳转,但是有了这个插件可以设置任意想跳转的标记。 For vim, you will want to add something like set tags=./tags A modified version of the matchit.vim plugin (enabling balanced matching of 'begin'/'end' pairs etc.)  ruby-matchit.vim · first commit, 9 år sedan. ruby.vim · first commit, 9 år sedan.

가 나는 또한 내 $ 홈 /의 .vimrc 파일의 끝에 다음 줄을 추가 : 'matchit.vim의 말 끝에 다음 블록을 추가 한 제안 된 블록을 cf.vim의 끝에 추가했습니다.

When it's installed, you can press “%” to jump  runtime macros/matchit.vim. Add that line to your vimrc file. Enabling the matchit plugin will enhance. Vim's built-in % command, making it possible to jump  14.1.

Matchit vim

mkdir ~/.vim/plugin. Create a file with the name ~/.vim/plugin/matchit.vim : vi ~/.vim/plugin/matchit.vim. and the following contents: runtime macros/matchit.vim. Create the directory ~/.vim/doc if it is not already there: mkdir ~/.vim/doc. Copy /usr/share/vim/vim73/macros/matchit.txt to ~/.vim/doc/ :

From a configuration that works on low-resource, restricted permissions environments, to a complete configuration. Tagged with vim, editor, lsp, tools. matchit这个插件,是vim自带的,但是默认不安装。在vim中默认可以用%来实现括号之间的跳转,但是有了这个插件可以设置任意想跳转的标记。在linux中敲vi打开一个空白的文件:help matc ALT Linux Equipe - Sisyphus pacote informação.

A modern drop-in replacement for matchit.vim and matchparen Matchit This plug-in, is Vim comes with, but the default is not installed. In Vim, you can use% to achieve jumps between parentheses, but with this plugin you can set any tag that you want to jump.Knocking VI in Linux open a blank file: Help Matchit- MatchIt vim plugin expands this usefulness.
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Matchit vim

color Tomorrow-Night-Bright. set background=dark. set guifont=Monaco:h13 "colorscheme solarized. let g:solarized_termcolors = 256.

ALT Linux Equipe - Sisyphus pacote informação. diff -urN vim-plugin-matchit-1.9-orig/plugin/matchit.vim vim-plugin-matchit-1.9/plugin/matchit.vim matchit这个插件,是vim自带的,但是默认不安装。在vim中默认可以用%来实现括号之间的跳转,但是有了这个插件可以设置任意想跳转的标记。在linux中敲vi打开一个空白的文件:help matc 2009-06-04 · Let us use the "matchit.vim" plugin as an example (it is included with Vim). This plugin makes the "%" command jump to matching HTML tags, if/else/endif in Vim scripts, etc. Very useful, although it's not backwards compatible (that's why it is not enabled by default).
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@BuGlessRB pushed 1 commit. 7640118 Workaround for but in matchit. -- You are receiving this because you are subscribed to this thread. View it on GitHub: 

vim因其强大的扩展性一直深受linux程序员的喜爱,最近在用vim写verilog的时候,由于一个逻辑块中的begin end较多,常常会多写或者漏掉匹配关键字,很是苦恼,于是寻找匹配关键字间跳转的方法,发现matchit可以用%在关键字之间实现跳转,还可以自定义更多的关键字,相当方便。. 以下正片:.